Limited: 8,000 editions
Rare: 1,400 editions
Epic: 399 editions

Tree of Eternal Gifts NFT XXIIkonia x Thomas Dubois

30 Dec - Eternal Giveaway #1
Win a Cool Cat worth ~$28,000 US
Each purchased Tree NFT increases your chances in our Eternal Giveaways with great prizes. Read more

I wish it could be Christmas every day. Or at least every month. With our Tree, we want to make it so. The Tree of Eternal Gifts allows you to take part in monthly giveaways all throughout the year, all while planting real trees across the globe.

The 9,999 inaugural limited edition Tree NFTs by Thomas Dubois represents a vision of future holidays in a world where real trees are treasured and protected. The NFT comes in three editions of varying rarity - the version you get is random. The Tree starts giving from day one, coming with a Gift Box NFT that will be automatically “opened” on Dec 25th to reveal a bonus NFT. As a gift to the Earth each purchase will also plant a real tree in South America.

  • Pay with credit card or crypto (MATIC)
  • Minted on eco-friendly Polygon
  • Every purchase plants trees in the Andes
  • Open protocol, can be traded on OpenSea
Tree NFT Included Bonuses
Bonus 1
Ticket to Ikonia Holiday Giveaway

Each Tree NFT you hold gives you one raffle ticket to our Eternal Giveaways live streaming at the end of each month throughout the whole year, starting Dec 30th 2021. The grand prize in the first giveaway is Cool Cat #8873, worth more than 7 ETH (~28,000 US).

1st Eternal Giveaway I Live Stream: Dec 30th, 17:00 CET. Link will be posted in Discord and on Twitter.

The main prize of the 1st Eternal Giveaway is Cool Cat #8873 worth ~$28,000 US!
Bonus 2
Ikonia Snow Globe NFT
There’s no joy in having a Tree unless there’s something underneath. Therefore, every purchase comes with a special bonus NFT gift box. The box will be automatically “opened” on Dec 25th to reveal the first annual Strange Globe NFT - our spin on the classical holiday snow globe. The Strange Globe is a separate NFT that you can keep or trade on OpenSea. It will be limited to 10,000 editions across eight variations. The version you get is random.
Bonus 3
Planting Actual Trees

We finally have the answer to the eternal question: plastic tree or real tree? None of the above! Clearly a digital tree is far more eco-friendly, mobile and expressive than anything physical.

And what’s better than saving a tree? Planting one at the same time. Double whammy. Together with Milkywire we’re planting a tree - an actual tree in the Andes in South America - for every Tree NFT we sell. Want to plant more trees? You can either buy more Tree NFTs and we’ll match your effort by planting even more real trees:

We’ll also plant an extra tree for anyone who buys a Tree using the unique referral link you get after purchasing. So bringing friends along plants extra trees in South America.

The Story of Milkywire:

Milkywire connects users to carefully audited nonprofits working to solve the most pressing planetary problems. Users can see proof of impact and follow the progress through video updates. In 2021 alone Milkywire has contributed to birthing 24 endangered mountain gorillas, tagging 10,000 bees for science, releasing 6,960 baby turtles and protecting more than 600,000 ha of rainforest.

Thomas Dubois
From a young age, Thomas Dubois has always loved to draw and create any kind of story. His background in Architecture and his passion for creation led him to produce a wide variety of visuals, award winning projects and scenarios. From his studio located in France Thomas creates stories, films and concepts for entertainment and design industries.

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